We will fully manage your account, creating content, engaging, posting and of course growing your online presence. Each business is different, we build a strategy to fit your business to help reach as many people.

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We have great experience in content curation, from working with top global brands to working with smaller local businesses. That marketing saying ‘content is king’ is true, whats your online presence without good content.



We have worked with some leading global brands with a huge presence, to smaller local businesses. We are up for anything, as long as it fits our love for social media marketing!

An agency with solid proof, and crazy results


At Valentia, we like to call ourselves different. You see most agencies working with clients, businesses and brands but you never see anything they have done themselves and the results they have gained. We are proud to say that we have over 75 social media channels that we run on a daily basis.. reaching 10 million people a week.

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KafeRacers is an online custom newspaper covering cafe racers and custom motorcycles. Our biggest brand under us currently, we reach 6 million a week and are growing 6,000 followers a week.

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A brand under the agency, Villages has had huge success with the community growing rapidly month to month. Is it just our unique username, or just that we know how to curate great content?

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Best Europe

We are all about creating rapid growing communities with top class performing content leading to the best possible results. We went from 10k followers to 50k followers within the space of 3 months on Best Europe.

Account and community management


We will manage your social media channels, from curating content to posting, engaging, replying to the audience and growing the following and presence for your business. We put together a custom plan for your business that we implement into your social media channels to drive customers to your website and through the doors of your business. We will create content for your business, build an engaged following and build relationships with your existing customers and target new potential customers for your business. 




We work with your business, curating engaging content for your social media channels, we will manage, upload and grow your presence on Instagram and other social media channels so you can do the best thing you do and run your business!


Drive customers

Whether your wanting traffic from customers to your website or your a store and wanting customers through your doors we will implement techniques creating a consistent stream of content for your audience to view every day building a story of your business and building your presence.

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Content curation

We only create the best content to fuel the social media feeds that we will manage for you. We are big at sticking to trends, using ideas that work and will generate engagement for your brand. We have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world creating content for them, to smaller local Wirral / Liverpool businesses. 

Some of the biggest global brands to local businesses


We at Valentia have a huge wealth of experience working from a variety of brands and businesses from opposite ends of scale. Find out below some of the brands and business we have worked with and what we have done for them. 




We where commissioned by Belstaff to create content for their marketing and social media channels. We had a load of fun shooting on country roads to in the city and was a fun project to work on!

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Red Wing Heritage

We where tasked by Red Wing Heritage to create content and advertise for them, we generated huge numbers and the team over there where happy. Just another awesome project for us!

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Cheshire Candle Co

We where approached by Cheshire Candle Company with 475 followers, fast forward a year later and we have took them to 15,000 followers. The aim isn’t just followers and online presence but online sales and web traffic, we have increased web traffic by 500% and significantly increased web orders and purchases. With use of good content, we’re aiming for an even better growth in 2019.

You have an idea? You want huge business growth?


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